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Quietum Plus™  is an all-natural nutritional formula that uses a blend of potent ingredients to improve ear and hearing health and relieve tinnitus symptoms.

The Formula is Easy to Take Each Day, and it Only Uses. Natural Ingredients to Get the Desired Effect

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QuietumPlus™ Customer Reviews

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"I've been suffering from tinnitus for years and nothing seemed to help. I tried Quietum Plus on a whim and I'm so glad I did. It's made a big difference in my quality of life."

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Verified Purchase

"I've been taking Quietum Plus for a few weeks now and I've noticed a significant improvement in my tinnitus symptoms. The ringing in my ears is much less noticeable and I'm sleeping better at night."

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Verified Purchase

"I've been taking Quietum Plus for a month now and I'm starting to see some results. The ringing in my ears is not as loud and I'm not as bothered by it." 

Why Choose Quietum Plus?

quietum plus Made In USA
Made In USA

Quietum Plus is manufactured in a US-based facility.

quietum plus FDA Approved
FDA Approved

Quietum Plus is formulated in a facility registered with FDA & follows all FDA regulations.

quietum plus GMP Certified
GMP Certified

Quietum Plus supplement is a Good Manufacturing Practice.

quietum plus Natural Product
100% Natural

Quietum Plus All ingredients are pure, natural, and carefully sourced.

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What Is Quietum Plus?

Quietum Plus is a natural supplement that promotes ear health. It is made with a blend of herbs and nutrients that have been shown to improve hearing and reduce the symptoms of ear-related conditions, such as hearing loss, ear infection, inner ear inflammation, and tinnitus.

The ingredients in Quietum Plus work by reducing inflammation, increasing blood circulation, and protecting the inner ear cells from damage. They are also free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, gluten, dairy, soy, and other potentially harmful ingredients. This makes Quietum Plus a safe and effective option for people with allergies or sensitivities.

If you are looking for a natural way to improve your ear health and reduce the symptoms of hearing loss or other ear-related conditions, Quietum Plus is a good option to consider. 

How does Quietum Plus?

If you suffer from tinnitus or other hearing problems, you know how frustrating it can be. That constant ringing in your ears can make it difficult to concentrate, sleep, or even carry on a conversation. Fortunately, there's a solution that can help.

Quietum Plus is a powerful formula that is designed to support healthy hearing and regenerate the "wire" that carries electrical signals and sounds from the ear to the brain. This formula consists of 18 high-quality plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that work together to promote optimal ear health.

The ingredients in Quietum Plus, such as Mucuna Pruriens, Maca Root, Dong Quai and Ashwagandha, have been carefully selected for their ability to reduce inflammation, soothe the nervous system, protect against free radicals, and promote nerve regeneration. These ingredients have been shown to work synergistically to help maintain healthy hearing and support optimal ear health. With Quietum Plus, you can be confident that you are getting a high-quality formula that is designed to deliver results.

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Quietum Plus Supplement Ingredients

The effectiveness and benefits of Quietum Plus stem from its carefully selected natural ingredients, which have undergone rigorous scientific testing and approval. Notably, these ingredients are incorporated into the supplement in optimal clinical doses, ensuring enhanced efficacy and overall positive outcomes.

Here are the key ingredients of using Quietum Plus:

  • Mucuna Pruriens :– Mucuna Pruriens is a popular dietary supplement ingredient that is used for a variety of purposes. According to the manufacturer, Mucuna Pruriens in Quietum Plus helps with inflammation while also soothing the nervous system and helping to repair neuron damage.
  • Maca Root :– Maca root is a plant that has been used in traditional South American medicine for centuries. It is said to have many health benefits, including reducing inflammation, soothing the nervous system, and repairing neuron damage. Neuron damage can exacerbate tinnitus symptoms by interfering with communication between the ears and brain.
  • Epimedium :– Epimedium, also known as horny goat weed, is found in many libido booster supplements. Horny goat weed, on the other hand, can do more than just increase libido. Horny goat weed contains icariin, a natural chemical linked to brain health, inflammation, and other benefits. The horny goat weed in Quietum Plus, according to the supplement’s creators, can also soothe the nervous system, help repair neuron damage, and help with overall inflammation to address the root cause of tinnitus.
  • Tribulus Terrestris:– According to the official website, Tribulus Terrestris can help regulate neuroinflammation, protect against free radicals, and provide strong antidepressant effects. Tribulus Terrestris, like maca and horny goat weed, is best known for its use in hormone and sex drive supplements. However, the ingredient is said to have tinnitus-fighting properties in Quietum Plus.
  • Dong Quai :– According to the manufacturer, Dong Quai promotes brain cell health and helps sharpen hearing while acting as a superior ear tonic. Dong Quai has been highly regarded in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years for its ability to support various aspects of health and wellness.
  • Muira Puama :– Quietum Plus pills contain Muira Puama, a Brazilian and Amazon rainforest native extract. Muira Puama, which is widely used in Brazil, is gaining popularity in the supplement industry as a natural energy booster. The Muira Puama in Quietum Plus, according to the supplement’s creators, has strong antioxidants while protecting against free radicals and promoting nerve regeneration.
  • Catuaba Powder :– According to the makers of Quietum Plus, Catuaba powder can balance blood flow, provide strong neuroprotective properties, and protect the brain against aging.
  • Damiana: Damiana is a natural extract that works similarly to Catuaba powder. Damiana may be able to target the root cause of tinnitus while also protecting the brain from aging and inflammation by balancing blood flow.
Quietum Plus 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

 60 days-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Quietum Plus will be available for you to test out for 60-day. You can apply for our FULL refund if you are among the 0.1% who are not satisfied.

Consider this a trial run in case things don't go your way. Quietum Plus supplement may work. If it doesn't, you can ask for your money back.

Benefits of Quietum Plus 

Here are the lists of Quietum Plus constituents:

  • The formula helps in enhancing the brain health and cognitive wellbeing.
  • ​Quietum Plus enhances the memory wellbeing  and heightens concentration and focus levels.
  • ​Treats the root cause of anxiety and stress.
  • ​Reduces oxidative damages and stress.
  • ​Delays the aging process of your cells and prevents free radical damages.
  • ​Strengthens the immunity and fight against free radical damages.
  • ​Provides anti-inflammatory properties and reduces pain in ears.
  • ​Restores the sound sleep cycles and prevents ringing in ears and whooshing sounds.

Limited Time Special Pricing - Act Now!

Secure Your Reserved Quietum Plus While Stocks Last

Metanail Serum Pro Limited Time Offer

WARNING: Stock levels of Quietum Plus are limited Accept your reserved pouch above NOW before your discount expires.

Quietum Plus Frequently Asked Questions

The Quietum Plus supplement is accompanied by a user-friendly manual for universal usage. Incorporating it into your daily routine is a breeze. Inside each bottle, you will find 60 capsules. Simply take two pills along with a glass of water before bedtime.

You can expect your order to be shipped within 5-7 business day if you live in the United States of America or Canada. Orders from outside the USA or Canada typically take between 8-15 business days (+ customs clearance). Delivery times may be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. We will deliver your order to your office or home using a premium carrier like FedEx or UPS.

Orders typically ship within 2 or 3 days and should arrive within 5 or 7 days if you are in the US and 10 or 12 days if you reside outside the US, depending on your customs.

Yes, your order today is a one-time payment with no auto-ship, subscriptions or hidden charges.

It is manufactured in the USA by our FDA-approved, GMP-certified facility. We adhere to the highest standards.

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Regular Price: $99/per bottle

Only for: $49/per bottle

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